INSPIRATION: Cover Story Viva Magazine

Well, I meant to share something sooner than this, but what can I say…, Christmas, getting the opportunity to go out whilst the other half is on holidays….it took up my time!

However, I do want to share a visit to an exhibition I went to at the beginning of December – it was organised by Viva Magazine, who produce free magazines focussing on local businesses and events in Brighton and Lewes. As you might expect, they have a wealth of creative people in that area, and this has resulted in a back catalogue of beautiful and inspiring cover pages, each corresponding to that particular issue’s theme. My sister, Rebecca, works for the Brighton magazine, and this exhibition has been her baby for the past few weeks, so I couldn’t wait to go down and see it!

I headed down last Friday afternoon, and arrived to a fabulous sunset on Brunswick Square. The exhibition was being held at The Regency Town House, an amazing house which is being restored to its 19th Century glory by a group of volunteers, which I have been keen to see for a while! As far as I have heard, it is one of the only houses left on the square that is still retained as one full house, as opposed to others which have been separated into flats. I am so late posting about this, so the exhibition is now closed, however, keep an eye on their website for upcoming events that you can attend or opportunities to volunteer.

These are a few photos I took whilst in the exhibition:

Keep your eyes peeled for a project post coming up soon!


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